File Online: Gross Receipts Tax & Payroll Expense Tax 2016 Annual Return

2016 Gross Receipts Tax & Payroll Expense Tax

Thank you for accessing the 2016 Gross Receipts Tax and Payroll Expense Tax Annual Return ("Return") website.  Please read the important information about filing requirements before accessing the Return.


As required by the San Francisco Business and Tax Regulations Code, every person with taxable payroll expense of $150,000 or more, or taxable gross receipts of $500,000 or more in a given tax year are required to file a Return.  Lessors of Residential Real Estate also must file a Return if they lease four or more units in a building or have taxable payroll expense of $150,000 or more in a given tax year.

Taxpayers that do not meet the minimum filing amounts stated above are not required to file an Annual Return and may EXIT NOW


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The Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector cannot advise you on tax matters.  Therefore, if you have additional questions, it is best to consult your own Tax professional, Tax Attorney or Certified Public Accountant. 

In order to perform regularly scheduled maintenance, the Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector online forms may be unavailable from Friday at 5:00PM to Saturday at 9:00AM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the forms to file for tax year 2015 or other earlier periods? You can find prior year business tax forms here

Do you have help for taxpayersthat want to learn more about the filing? We have created video tutorials to walk taxpayers through the process.  

What is business personal property? Please see the instructions for more information.

What is my business activity/NAICS code? You can find a table of NAICS codes and their corresponding San Francisco business activity here:

What are gross receipts? "Gross receipts" means the total amounts received or accrued by a person in the 2016 tax year from whatever source derived, including, but not limited to, amounts derived from sales, services, dealings in property, interest, rent, royalties, dividends, licensing fees, other fees, commissions and distributed amounts from other business entities. The Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector has created worksheets to assist taxpayers in calculating their gross receipts.  

Where do I mail my check? Remit your payment and payment coupon to: San Francisco Tax Collector, P.O. Box 7425, San Francisco, CA 94120-7425

What are combined groups of related entities and how is the process different for them? Combined groups of related entities are described in Section 956.3 of Article 12-A-1 and shall apply for a certificate and calculate its fee on a combined basis. You can create or edit your combined group of related entities when you file.  

I lost or didn’t receive my Online PIN.  How do I get it? The Online PIN is on the Notice to File.  If the business did not receive the Notice, they should confirm their mailing address is correct before completing a PIN Reset request at

I closed my business. If you received a notice to file, then you have not completed the closing paperwork with the City and should update your account to let us know you closed at

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