Convenience Fee

Please see the convenience fee charts below for the following:

Online Payments

Convenience Fee Calculator


Pay Online

The following credit cards and debit cards are accepted online.

Credit Cards

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Debit Cards


  • NYCE
  • Pulse
  • STAR


Electronic Check (available online only)

An electronic check works just like a regular check, only no paper is involved. Your bank account information is securely transmitted through the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, a withdrawal is generated against your account, and money is transferred to the City's bank account. The process is very similar to using your Automatic Teller Machine card to pay for groceries at the local store.

A convenience fee is charged for paying your property taxes online. Please note that the convenience is a third-party fee and is not part of city funds.

  • For Credit Card payments the convenience  fee is 2.25% of the total amount charged.
  • E-check payments can now be made with NO CONVENIENCE FEE.
  • For qualifying Debit Card payments (Visa Personal Debit, STAR, NYCE and PULSE; subject to your bank's participation*) the convenience fee is a flat rate of $3.95
    (* Please note that if your banking institution does not authorize your card for "PIN-less debit" transactions, your transaction will be processed as a credit card with the correponding 2.25% convenience fee.)