Municipal Bank Feasibility Task Force

San Francisco Treasurer José Cisneros is seeking up to five public members to serve on a Task Force to explore the feasibility of creating of a Municipal Public Bank and recommend opportunities to leverage the City's banking and investment portfolios in order to meet the following policy goals (as defined by the Board of Supervisors in resolution 152-17):

  1. Extend access to credit for small businesses,
  2. Provide banking services for the Cannabis industry, and
  3. Expand capital available for affordable housing.


Public members will be considered who have at least one of the following criteria:

  • An advocate for and expert of public banking, either endorsed by or an affiliate of a recognized advocacy group supporting transparent financial systems
  • A representative of a local economic development group, particularly one familiar with issues of financial justice in the banking or credit systems
  • An expert on Banking Regulation, especially one familiar with the Federal Reserve Board
  • An expert on Cannabis Banking and Financing
  • An expert in financial technology

Apply here by December 22nd.  The Task Force is expected to meet at least monthly for six months beginning in January 2018.


Background Information and Reports: