Business Registration Renewal

FY 2017-2018

For the Period Covered by July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018, due May 31, 2017

As required by our Business and Tax Regulations Code, no person may engage in business within the City unless the person has obtained a current registration certificate. Every person engaging in business within the City shall conspicuously display a current registration certificate on the business premises, regardless of whether such person is subject to tax pursuant to the provisions of the Business and Tax Regulations Code.

The annual fee for obtaining a registration certificate for the registration year commencing July 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2018 is paid in advance and calculated based on the gross receipts of the person (or combined group) in the immediately preceding tax year.  

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The Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector cannot advise you on tax matters.  Therefore, if you have additional questions, it is best to consult your own Tax professional, Tax Attorney or Certified Public Accountant. 

In order to perform regularly scheduled maintenance, the Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector online forms may be unavailable from Friday at 5:00PM to Saturday at 9:00AM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the forms to renew for fiscal year 2016-2017 or other earlier periods? You can find prior year business tax forms here

Do you have help for taxpayers that want to learn more about the filing? We have created video tutorials to walk taxpayers through the process.  

What information do I need to file?

  • Seven (7) digit Business Account Number - on Business Certificate, Notification, or
  • Last four (4) digits of the Tax Identification Number (Federal EIN or SSN); in a few cases (taxi drivers and others), it may be the last four digits or their BAN.
  • Eight (8) character Online PIN - provided to taxpayer in their Notification.
  • Checking Account or Credit Card information if paying online.
  • A-card for registered taxi drivers.  Driver's license for Transportation Network Company (TNC) Drivers.

I lost or didn't receive my Online PIN.  How do I get it? The Online PIN is on the Notice to Renew and the Bill.  Our office will be sending out Notifications April 27 through May 3 and Bills May 1 through May 3.  If you did not receive the Notice to Renew or a Bill, you should confirm your mailing address is correct at before completing a PIN Reset request at

Online PIN reset requests are sent out via USPS.  Sole Propietors can come to City Hall room 140 with a picture ID and receive their Online PIN immediately.

What is my business activity/NAICS code? You can find a table of NAICS codes and their corresponding San Francisco business activity here:

What are gross receipts? "Gross receipts" means the total amounts received or accrued by a person in the 2016 tax year from whatever source derived, including, but not limited to, amounts derived from sales, services, dealings in property, interest, rent, royalties, dividends, licensing fees, other fees, commissions and distributed amounts from other business entities. The Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector has created worksheets to assist taxpayers in calculating their gross receipts.  

How much is my fee?  A schedule of fees can be found here.

Why did the registration fees increase slightly from last year? The amount of the annual registration fee has been adjusted in accordance with the increase in the Consumer Price Index.  This adjustment affects all registration years ending after June 30, 2016.  For more information, refer to the Business and Tax Regulations Code, Article 12, Section 855.

For 2018, the lowest tier of registration fees has not increased.

When do I need to file? The deadline to file and pay is May 31, 2017.

Why am I being asked to renew the registration in May? The registration certificate is issued for the fiscal year July 1 through June 30.

I can’t complete my filing by the end of May and need more time. Unfortunately, extensions are not available for Registration Renewal.  Filing after the deadline will result in penalities, interest and fees.

What are the penalities and fees for being late? Payments received or USPS postmarked after May 31, 2017 are subject to the following:

1.   A Late Payment Penalty that is the registration renewal fee multiplied by the penalty percentage in the table below.

5/31/2017 6/30/2017 5%
6/30/2017 7/31/2017 10%
7/31/2017 8/31/2017 15%
8/31/2017 N/A 40%

2.   Interest consisting of the business registration renewal fee multiplied by one percent (1%) per month.

3.   An administrative fee of $55.

Where do I mail my check? Remit your payment and payment coupon to: San Francisco Tax Collector, P.O. Box 7425, San Francisco, CA 94120-7425

I received a bill, but I think it is wrong.  What do I do? The bill for registration renewal is generated based on your filings for the 2016 gross receipts tax.  If you need to amend your 2016 gross receipts tax return, please go to and click on “File Online: Gross Receipts Tax and Payroll Expense Tax 2016 Annual Return” on the homepage.  We will not send you a new bill.  You will have to log in to the online payment system to see the correct amount to pay.  Note: updated registration renewal fee amounts may take five to ten business day to appear. 

What are combined groups of related entities and how is the process different for them? Combined groups of related entities are described in Section 956.3 of Article 12-A-1 and shall apply for a certificate and calculate its fee on a combined basis. 

When will I receive my Business Registration Certificate? Certificates will begin mailing the middle of June to be posted by July 1, 2017.

I closed my business. If you received a notice to file, then you have not completed the closing paperwork with the City and should update your account to let us know you closed at

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