Banking Services

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Banking Services

Treasurer & Tax Collector’s Office (TTX), Banking Services Unit is the primary contact for all City department treasury services.  The unit provides services, such as cash management, armored car, remote and vault deposits, lockbox services, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.


Unit Responsibilities
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Unit Responsibilities

  • Manages the banking relationships for the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) and its 200+ bank accounts.
  • Manages and implements Treasury services for City departments, such as: opening and closing bank and merchant accounts, other depository services, such as lockbox, remote deposits, etc., credit card terminals for walk-ins and online transactions, fraud prevention tools/products, users access and profiles set up for on online portals, and manage orders for deposit supplies and armored carrier services.
  • Assists in bank/credit card/merchant transaction issues, such as returns, deposit adjustments, wires and all types of disbursement inquiries, unidentified wire receipts, changes in bank account structure, bank requirements, credit card settlements and other cash management inquiries.
  • Administer fraud claims for all City disbursement accounts.
  • Maintains wiring instructions and bank account information for all CIty departments.
  • Monitors and reviews citywide bank fees and merchant charges.
  • Issues RFPs for Treasury and cash management services.
  • Negotiates financial contracts and coordinate implementation of new products and services.
  • Oversees the Citywide Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance surrounding the acceptance and processing of credit and debit cards transactions.
  • Provides safekeeping function for various departments.
  • Fulfills Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTs) requests from all City departments.
Request for Services
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Request for Services


Instructions for Banking Service Request

The Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector (Office) is now providing banking services to other City departments through this online form. Upon submission of your request, you will receive an e-mail with a banking service request number. This will serve as a unique identifying number for your request in any future communications. A member of our staff will respond to your request within 3 business days from the time of submission.  Please complete the below steps to complete your banking service request.

Step 1. Select the link at the bottom of this page to access the form.
Step 2. Fill in your name and contact information.
Step 3. Select your Department from the drop-down list, if you do not see your department, select “Other”.
Step 4. Select the Category from the drop-down list associated to your request, these categories are bolded in the list below.
Step 5. Based on your Category selection, additional Sub-category options will appear in the Sub-category drop-down list. An overview is provided below of available selections. If you do not see your desired service, select “Misc/Other – Other”.
Step 6. In the Description box, please provide as much detail as you can regarding your request.



Bank Account Management: Open Account, Update a Signatory, Update Contacts, Close Account

Banking Services: Armored Car Service, Lockbox, Request for Remote Deposit, Remote Deposit – Terminal Request, Request Change/Currency Order

Supplies/Orders: Deposit Slips, Deposit Bags, Deposit Stamps, Checks, Currency Straps

Online Banking Access: Bank of America – CashPro, FIS – Datapointe, CityBase – CardConnect, U.S. Bank - Single Point, Bank of America Merchant Services (BAMS) - Client Line, Bottom Line – Paymode, Password Reset/Unlock Account, American Express - OMS Portal

Credit Card Services: Credit Card Acceptance – Initial, Credit Card Acceptance – Close, PCI Compliance, Terminal Device Requests – Initial, Terminal Device Service/Replacement

Wires/ACH: Wire Returns, ACH Returns, ACH Filters

Accounting: Forgery Claim, General Accounting Inquiry

Misc/Other: Vault/Safekeeping, Other


For new banking service requests (other than new wire requests), use the “Request for Services” link below:


To initiate a new wire request, use the below form:



Banking Policy
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Banking Policy

The purpose of the Banking Policy is to provide guidelines to City departments in matters relating to the overall management and processing of receipts throughout the City.

Banking Policy (pdf)


Electronic Payments
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Electronic Payments

Departments interested in opening a merchant account must have that account authorized by Banking Services Unit. The Credit Card Acceptance Application Form should be filled out and returned to Banking Services Unit at

  1. Credit Card Onboarding (FIS)
  2. Credit Card Acceptance Guidelines (under construction)


Payment processing fees are as follows:

Payment Type Over-The-Counter Fee Amount Online Fee Amount
(Electronic Check)
$0.14 per transaction 2.25% of the transaction
Credit Card $0.014 per transaction
(AMEX at 2.15% of the transaction, plus $0.050 authorization fee)
2.25% of the transaction
(NYCE, Pulse, STAR)
$0.014 per transaction 2.25% of the transaction


Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

All City departments are required to comply with PCI security standards.  Departments or agencies interested in processing credit/debit transactions must:

  • Be a merchant department,
  • Be issued a merchant account through Banking Services Unit, 
  • Use the merchant service provider(s) contracted by TTX, and
  • Follow the PCI Policy and Procedure for CCSF.