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Doing Business in San Francisco

The San Francisco Business Portal is the City’s primary online business resource. With comprehensive information and tailored tools, the Portal helps you easily navigate the steps to startmanage, and grow a business, quickly learn what it takes to be compliant, and obtain resources along the way.

Registering a Business

Business Resource Center

Update your account and use our forms center to download many of the forms, worksheets and instructions issued by the Treasurer and Tax Collector.

Filing and Payment Center

Access the online filing and payment links for Business Taxes, Fees and Licenses including wire instructions.

Business Registration Renewal

Gross Receipts & Payroll Expense


Parking Tax

Transit Occupancy Tax (TOT), TID, MED

Access Line Tax, Telephone Users Tax and Utility Users Tax

Cigarette Litter Abatement Fee 

  • To request a copy of a Cigarette Litter Abatement Fee form, please call 415-554-7833 
  • For information on the Cigarette Litter Abatement Fee, click here.

Customer Service  


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