Kindergarten to College (K2C)

Who receives a K2C account?

The K2C account is automatically opened for every child starting in kindergarten. All children, who started kindergarten in SFUSD in 2012 or later, have a K2C account. Some schools piloted K2C earlier, so check online at to see what grades are enrolled at individual schools. If a child transferred into the school district or switched schools, a K2C account will be opened for him/her   if the grade and school currently have K2C accounts.  

How does the K2C account work?

1.K2C accounts are automatically opened during the school year with an initial deposit of $50 from the City and County of San Francisco.
2.The accounts are held at Citibank. Welcome kits with account information are sent home to families.
3.Deposits can be in any amount, large or small — by mail, online, auto deposit, or in person at a Citibank branch.

Are there any incentives or matching funds?

Student and family contributions will make up most of the child’s savings. But extra funds are available:
Additional $50 for students who apply and qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch and complete the K2C additional consent form.
Additional $100 match for the first $100 saved.
Additional $100 when students and families save a minimum of $10 every month for six months.

Will the K2C account cost anything?

It’s free. There are no fees, charges or hidden costs. Additionally, there is no minimum balance required.

What can the savings be used for?

Funds in K2C accounts must be spent on costs related to higher education. That includes tuition and fees for college, community college or other kinds of training programs. It also includes supplies, books and other education related expenses. Funds can be accessed after high school graduation (or the equivalent).

What if a child does not want to go to college?

If a traditional four-year college is not right for a child, funds can be used to pay for other kinds of post-secondary education, like community college, or technical and vocational training. If a child decides not to pursue post-secondary education, then the funds saved will be returned to the child when he/she turns 25. Incentives or matching funds contributed by K2C will be returned to K2C.

Will these savings affect a family’s eligibility for public assistance or disqualify my child for financial aid?

A K2C account will not affect eligibility. The money in a child’s K2C account is held for the benefit of the child by the City and County of San Francisco and does not need to be disclosed when applying for financial aid or public benefits.

For more information:

Call 3-1-1 (in SF) or 415-701-2311 

Kindergarten to College
City and County of San Francisco
PO Box 7338
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