Office of Financial Empowerment

The San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment was created to equip poor and low-income San Franciscans with the knowledge, skills and access they need to achieve greater financial security. Empowered people create and expand businesses, raise healthy families, support their community, and contribute to the tax base so critical to a sustainable city.

The Office has launched several first-of-their-kind programs to help San Franciscans gain critical access to quality financial education and counseling, affordable financial services, savings for college, electronic pay solutions, and more. The Office leverages this pioneering work to model municipal government as a laboratory for social innovation and demonstrate what’s possible for other cities across the country.


Kindergarten to College (K2C)

Kindergarten to College

SF’s Kindergarten to College Program gives your child a college savings account with a $50 deposit, and opportunities to earn incentives.




Smart Money Network

Smart Money Network

Access to financial capability resources and professional development opportunities for all San Franciscans.




Bank on SF

Bank on San Francisco

Open a free or low-cost account at a local SF bank or credit union.