Online Filing Technical Issues

Browser Notice: Online filings have been optimized for Internet Explorer 11+, and current versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  If you choose to use a browser other than the ones listed, the filing may not display information properly and you may encounter problems while entering your data.  Please check and or update your browser version before filing.


In order to perform regularly scheduled maintenance, the Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector online forms may be unavailable from Friday at 5:00PM to Saturday at 9:00AM.


If your particular issue has not been addressed on this page, please submit a service request to the Office of Treasurer &Tax Collector . It is optimal for us to see what you are seeing to resolve your issue quickly, so a picture of your screen is helpful. Click here if you need help taking a picture of your screen. 


Online Payment Portal Issues

Updated 01/02/2019

Click on the linked heading text to expand or collapse accordion panels:

Be sure to enable popups on your browser. A prompting window may appear on the bottom of the screen or in the menu bar to enable popups temporarily. If you are not able to enable popups, then print out and mail your completed return that our office emailed you, writing your Business Account Number and Bill Number in the memo line of the check to assist in processing.

If you would like to pay a different amount than the amount displayed in the Payment Portal, select here to troubleshoot.


Gross Receipts Tax and Payroll Expense Tax Annual Return

Updated 01/02/2019

Invalid Entry Correct and Resubmit (there are two known causes of this error):

  1. Some browsers strictly restrict entry into numerical fields, so non-numerical characters such as dollar signs, commas, spaces, or periods will trigger the invalid entry error. Correct by removing non-numerical characters. Note that the tax filing only requires whole dollar entries, not cents.
  2. On Page F, if the entry in the San Francisco column is greater than the entry in the Total column for a particular line, then the invalid entry error is triggered. Correct by ensuring the amount in the Total column is greater than that San Francisco column for that line.