Notice of Business Registration Requirement

Any person operating a business, including independent contractors, in San Francisco for seven days or more must register. 

If you received a Notice of Business Registration Requirement, you have been identified as an independent contractor and must respond with the Correspondence ID indicated on the upper right hand corner of your letter.  Failure to respond to this letter may result in penalties and payment obligations.


Click the button below to register as a business or declare that you do not need to register.  Reasons you do not need to register include:

  • You are already registered
  • You do not conduct business in San Francisco or you are no longer in business
  • You are an employee and not an independent contractor


 btn_register or declare














Need Further Assistance?  Submit a service request.  A Representative will contact you on the SAME DAY of the request if submitted prior to 7:00 pm. Requests received after 7:00 pm will receive a response by the next business day.