Unsecured Escape Installment Plan

Per section 4837.5 of the Revenue and Taxation code provides that Unsecured Secured Escape assessments for prior fiscal years can be set up on a payment installment plan. An Unsecured Escape Installment Plan allows taxpayers to make annual installment payments over a four-year period if the following conditions are met:

  1. The total Escape tax due excluding delinquent penalties is over five hundred dollars ($500)
  2. The plan is initiated in writing to the SF Tax Collector prior to the date in which the taxes become delinquent
  3. A payment of at least 20% of the total tax due plus a $50 installment plan fee per parcel is remitted
  4. All current taxes and any prior year's taxes, penalties, and cost are paid.

To maintain an Unsecured Escape payment plan in good standing:

  1. Make a yearly payment of 20% of the total tax by August 31st. No penalties or interest shall be charged as long as installment payments are made timely. Installment payments are accepted in the form of a check sent by mail or check/cash in person, or online payments at www.sftreasurer.org

The installment plan will default if an annual payment is not made by August 31st or if any additional tax amounts or types become delinquent. If the plan defaults, the balance due will have penalties applied in the same manner as all other delinquent taxes, and is immediately due and payable in full. No further installment payments will be accepted

Complete and submit the Installment Plan for Unsecured Secured Escape Bills agreement.

By mail:

San Francisco Tax Collector

Unsecured Property Tax

P.O. Box 7426

San Francisco, CA 94120-7426

If you have questions or need further assistance, submit a service request.  Please note: taxpayers who come to City Hall, Room 140 for in-person assistance or call “3-1-1” (415-701-2311 from outside the 415 area code) may experience long wait/hold times.