Office of Financial Empowerment

The Office of Financial Empowerment (OFE) is a unique private-public partnership housed within the Office of the Treasurer of San Francisco that convenes, innovates and advocates to strengthen the economic security and mobility of all San Franciscans. For more than a decade, under the leadership of Treasurer José Cisneros, the OFE has engaged partners inside and outside City Hall to equip San Franciscans with knowledge, skills and resources to strengthen their financial health and well-being. At the same time, the OFE has leveraged what has worked on the ground to model what is possible for cities across the country.

The OFE designs, pilots and expands programs and policies that help low income families build economic security and mobility. Our programs include:


Kindergarten to College (K2C)

Kindergarten to College

The first and largest universal child savings program of its kind in the country manages accounts for 30,000 public school children.




Smart Money Coaching

Smart Money Network

Delivers financial coaching through 18 sites across San Francisco..




Bank on SF

Bank on San Francisco

Helps residents access safe, affordable accounts at responsible banks and credit unions.



Our work also includes policy efforts to fight predatory financial practices and help families build assets, and an economic Mobility Lab (mLab) to test innovations.