Print Screen

If you encounter technical issues with our website or online forms, the optimal method to report is to submit a request for service and attach a picture of your screen to your request so we can see what you are seeing.  If you are in the 2015 Annual Return, there is data embedded in the screen that allows us to escalate and resolve your issue more quickly.  


If you do not know how to take a picture of your screen, we have provided some tips below.  You can also do a web search for additional methods or programs to assist you.  



Most keyboards have a "Print Screen" button to the right of the F12.  Click that button and follow the instructions on your screen to copy or save the image.  There is also a standard software for Windows called "Snip" that can take pictures of your screen.  


Mac OS

Click COMMAND + SHIFT + 3 all together to take a picture of your entire screen.  The resulting file will be saved on your desktop.  There is also a standard software for Mac OS called "Grab" that can take a picture of your screen.