2020-2021 Business Registration Renewal

The 2021 Business Registration deadline has been deferred from May 31, 2020 to March 1, 2021.  Business Registration Certificates issued for 2019-2020 will remain valid through March 1, 2021. Any business that can pay the registration fee now is encouraged to do so—now more than ever the City is relying on tax revenues to fund essential services like hospitals and transportation. Learn more about the deferral of the business registration deadline.

Taxpayers who previously filed an Annual Business Tax Return for 2019 will automatically receive a renewal bill via U.S. Mail that will direct them to the Payment Portal to pay.  If you do not agree with the billed registration fee, you must amend your Annual Business Tax Returns for 2019 to update the registration fee.

Renew 2020-21 Business Registration 


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Additional Information

You will need the following information to complete the renewal and to calculate the business registration fee:

  • Your 2019 taxable San Francisco gross receipts
  • Your 2019 San Francisco payroll expense
  • The business activities that describe your business
  • Average number of employees per week

If your only business activity in San Francisco is as a driver for a TAXI and/or a Transportation Network Company (TNC), you are no longer required to register as a business, or renew your existing business registration. 

If you do not have your eight (8) character Online PIN, you may request your PIN here. Processing time may take up to 3-5 business days. You will be unable to renew online without your PIN.

If you are no longer in business, go to Business Account Update and close your account.

Click here if you hare having technical difficulties. Here you will find updates on any known issues and receive instructions on reporting difficulties.

Video Instructions

Need Further Assistance?

Visit our Help Center to submit a question.  Questions submitted before 7:00 pm will receive a response on the SAME DAY. Questions submitted after 7:00 pm will receive a response by the next business day.