Parcel Tax Exemptions and Special Assessments

Over the past decade, the citizens of San Francisco approved measures to provide funding to the San Francisco Unified School District and City College of San Francisco.  Some of these measures include an exemption for seniors living on the property provided they meet certain criteria.  For more information on how to claim the Senior Citizen Exemption, visit the SFUSD Senior Citizen Exemption website.  

    • Living Wage for Educators Act of 2018 - $309.52 parcel tax in 2019-20 and adjusted for inflation annually.  Provides funds to increase salaries for SFUSD teachers. Learn more
    • School Facilities Special Tax of 2010 - $38.28 per single family residential parcels and $19.14 per dwelling unit on multi-family residential parcels in 2019-20, and adjusted for inflation annually. Upgrades the seismic resistance of SFUSD facilities and make fire- and life-safety improvements. 
    • Quality Teacher and Education Act of 2008 - $261.70 parcel tax in 2019-20 and adjusted for inflation annually. Provides increased support and accountability for our educators and schools. Learn more.  

    City College of San Francisco Parcel Tax 2012 - $99 per year and adjusted for inflation annually.  The funds generated by this tax will be used to maintain and enhance the quality of education at City College campuses, including core academics, workforce training, university preparation, libraries and technology.

    There are no senior or low income exemptions, as state law does not provide for such exemptions.

    Additional Information

    Additional opportunities for exemptions and tax savings can be found at the Office of the Assessor-Recorder's website at

    The State Controller's Property Tax Postponement Program allows homeowners who are seniors, are blind, or have a disability to defer current-year property taxes if they meet certain criteria.  Applications for 2019-20 will be available in September 2019.  For more information call (800) 952-5661 visit the State Controller's Property Tax Postponement page

    Direct charges and special assessments represent additional fees or outstanding city debt added to your property tax bill by other city departments. Contact the appropriate department (listed below) directly for further information:




    29          Rent Stabilization Fee415-701-2311
    31          Civic Center CBD415-658-7979
    32          Gtr. Rincon Hill CBD415-536-5880
    33          Dogpatch/Potrero GBD415-851-1570
    34          Transbay CFD 2014-1877-561-8293
    35          ABAG CFD 04-1 (690 Market Street) 877-561-8293
    36          GSFA YGRENE PACE 2014866-807-6864
    37          CMFA E3 PACE Program844-622-5533
    38          Hunters Point CFD #7877-561-8293
    39          Redevelopment CFD (South Beach)877-561-8293
    40          MB Maintenance CFD #5877-561-8293
    41          MB South CFD #6877-561-8293
    43          Open PACE Program800-969-4382
    44          Time Share Fee415-554-5596
    45          Educators LW 2018 Tax  415-355-2203
    46          SF Bay Restoration Authority Parcel Tax888-508-8157
    47          Japantown CBD415-554-6969
    48          Penal Assessment415-554-5596
    49          IA No. 1 SA RDA CCSF CFD No. 9877-561-8293
    50          Sidewalk Repair415-554-4502
    51          Discover Polk CBD415-481-2845
    55          Building Inspection-Assessment Cost415-558-6088
    56          Bayshore Hester A.D.866-807-6864
    57          Union Square Business Imp. District415-781-7880
    60          Water Lien415-551-4760
    61          Noe Valley CBD415-519-0093
    62          North  Market/Tenderloin415-292-4812
    63          Upper Market/Castro415-500-1181
    64          Fisherman's Wharf415-673-3530
    66          Central Market CBD415-957-5985
    68          ABAG CFD # 2006 1 - (SF Rincon Hill)877-561-8293
    69          ABAG CFD # 2006 2 - (SF Mint Plaza Area)877-561-8293
    70          Garbage Lien (RES)415-252-3872
    71          Garbage Lien (COMM)415-252-3872
    72          Blight Related415-641-2341
    73          Ocean Avenue CBD650-273-6223
    74          Lower Polk CBD415-692-1289
    78          Blight ASAP415-554-4502
    79          Dw Code Enf Fee415-558-6220
    81          GFSF Commercial PACE877-561-8293
    82          Hunters Point CFD #8877-561-8293
    83          CSCDA CaliforniaFIRST800-969-4382
    84          CA HERO Program800-969-4382
    89          SFUSD Facilities District415-355-2203
    91          SFCCD Parcel Tax415-487-2400 
    92          Apartment License Fee415-558-6220
    93          Hotel License Fee415-558-6220
    96          Yerba Buena CBD415-644-0728
    98          SFUSD -Teacher Support415-355-2203
    52          IA1 CFD 2016 (Treasure Island CFD #1)877-561-8293
    53          SoMa West CBD415-496-5787
    54          Downtown CBD619-540-9667

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