Find out about employment opportunities in the Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector below.  The Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector encourages a diverse applicant pool, welcomes qualified applicants of all backgrounds, and awards jobs based on fair and open competition.

Current Opportunities

Collections Officer (4306)
Budget Director (0931 Manager III) 

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Additional Information

Our office is divided into 16 sections, which offers a variety of career opportunities. 


Daily Revenue Reconciliation; Grant Management; Work Order Billing, Accounts Payable; and Audits.


Department Budget; Contract Management; Accounts Payable & Work Order Billing, Departmental Financial Reporting & Audit, and Performance Measures.

 Bureau of Delinquent Revenue

Official collection agency for the City and County of San Francisco and is authorized to collect delinquent and outstanding payments. The division currently collects debt for the Department of Public Health (DPH), Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), Library (SFPL), Fire (SFFD), Planning, Ethics, Building Inspection, Port, San Francisco Airport (SFO), and the Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), as well as delinquent business and unsecured property taxes.


Payment Processing; Alarm Management; and Daily Deposits.

Compliance & Business Tax

Account Services; Business Tax Audits; Investigations; and Data Analytics.

Office of Financial Empowerment

Kindergarten to College; Smart Money Coaching; and Bank On San Francisco. Learn more

Financial Justice Project

Assesses local Fees & Fines with a disproportionate impact on low-income communities and communities of color; Partners with local governments and courts; Advances statewide fine and fee reform; Co-leads Cities and Counties for Fine and Fee Justice. Learn more

HR & Payroll

Department Payroll; Recruitment/Hiring, Leave Management, Employee Relations, Equal Opportunity Employment, Racial Equity.

Information Technology

Helpdesk; Telecoms; Software Application Support; and Application Development.


Invest & manage citywide pool of funds.


Bankruptcy; Delinquent Collections and Court Cases; Hospital Collections; and Public Information Requests.

Policy & Communications

Taxpayer communications; Website Management; and Develop and monitor legislation with San Francisco Board of Supervisors and State Legislature.

 Product Management

Business Process Mapping; Application Development Requirements; Product Development, Testing, and Rollout; and Department Efficiency.

Property Tax

Property Tax Collection, bills & refunds; Review property tax waivers; and Manage payment plans.

Taxpayer Assistance

Customer Service; License Management; Customer Communications; 311 Inquiries; In-Person Customer Service and Tax Assistance.

Treasury & Banking

Manage Citywide Banking Services; PCI compliance; and Online Payments.


0922 Manager I
0923 Manager II
0931 Manager III
0933 Manager V
0953 Dep Dir III
1041 IS Engineer-Assistant
1043 IS Engineer-Senior
1052 IS Business Analyst
1054 IS Business Analyst-Principal
1063 IS Programmer Analyst-Senior
1070 IS Project Director
1092 IT Operations Support Admin II
1095 IT Operations Support Admin V
1222 Senior Payroll & Personnel Clerk
1244 Senior Human Resources Analyst
1404 Clerk
1408 Principal Clerk
1630 Account Clerk
1632 Senior Account Clerk
1634 Principal Account Clerk
1654 Accountant III
1822 Administrative Analyst
1823 Senior Administrative Analyst
1824 Principal Administrative Analyst
1840 Management Assistant
1842 Management Assistant
1844 Senior Management Assistant
4220 Tax-Auditor-Appraiser
4222 Senior Tax Auditor-Appraiser
4224 Principal Tax Auditor-Appraiser
4306 Collections Officer
4308 Senior Collections Officer
4310 Commercial Division Assistant Supervisor
4320 Cashier 1
4321 Cashier 2
4334 Investigator
4337 Principal Investigator
8173 Legal Assistant
8177 Attorney (Civil/Criminal)
8190 Attorney, Tax Collector
9922 Public Service Aide – Associate to Professionals
9976 Technology Expert I
9978 Technology Expert II

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