Manage Your Business

You can change your mailing address, add a new location, or close a location or business using our online "Account Update" feature.

Update your Account


Taxpayers who file an Annual Business Tax Return for will automatically receive a renewal bill via U.S. Mail and will be directed to the Payment Portal to pay. If you do not agree with the billed registration fee, you must amend your Annual Business Tax Return to update the registration fee.

Business Registration Renewal


Prior Years

TAXI and TNC DRIVERS:  If your only business activity in San Francisco is as a driver for a TAXI and/or a Transportation Network Company (TNC), you are no longer required to register as a business, or renew your existing business registration. 

You are required to let us know when a location or your business is no longer in operation. Closing your business will inactivate associated licenses with the Department of Public Health, Police Department, Fire Department, Office of Cannabis and the Entertainment Commission. 

Close your business

Before closing your business make sure to:

  • Update your final mailing address using Account Update if your mailing address has changed.  Once the business account is closed access to Account Update will no longer be permitted. 
  • Pay all outstanding financial obligations.  After closing your business account, balances owed will be moved to the Bureau of Delinquent Revenue for continued collections. 

What happens after you close your business:

  • All business locations in San Francisco will be closed.
  • All licenses and permits will be inactivated per the effective date of the closure.
  • Closing the business does not remove your responsibility to pay any outstanding obligation or debt.
  • No further notifications and reminders will be sent unless you have outstanding financial obligations.
  • Continuation of operations after this declaration is submitted may lead to legal action.

Our office will review requests in accordance with the California Revenue & Taxation Code and the San Francisco Business and Tax Regulation Code.  We encourage taxpayers to provide any documentation supporting the requests. 

Request Penalty Waiver/Refund


All taxpayers are required to enter a valid online Personal Identification Number (PIN) in addition to their Business Account Number (BAN) and last four digits of their Federal Tax Identification Number to access our online payment and filing applications. If you lose or misplace your PIN, click on the button below to complete an online PIN request. To protect taxpayer confidentiality, the PIN will be emailed to a secure email address or mailed to the address on file with the Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector. Please expect 3 to 5 business days processing time. 

Request PIN

If you are unable to access both your mailing address and the online form to update your mailing address, please visit our Help Center or call 311 to request the Update Mailing Address paper form. Please wait 2 weeks after the form has been mailed before requesting a new PIN.

Complete this form to declare if there is a San Francisco Business Tax or Fee that does or does not apply to your business. This form cannot be used to claim that some or all of your services are exempt from the selected business tax.

Add or remove a business tax or fee

Need Further Assistance?

Visit our Help Center to submit a question.  Questions submitted before 7:00 pm will receive a response on the SAME DAY. Questions submitted after 7:00 pm will receive a response by the next business day.