Bureau of Delinquent Revenue (BDR)

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Bureau of Delinquent Revenue (BDR)

The Bureau of Delinquent Revenue (BDR) is the official collection agency for the City and County of San Francisco and is authorized to collect delinquent and outstanding payments for the Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector and other city services.  

Click "Pay Now" to pay an outstanding obligation:

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Acceptable forms of payment: Credit card, debit card, or electronic check (eCheck). Electronic Check option is not available for taxpayers with corporate accounts that have ACH debit block and filters in place. We recommend that you confirm with your financial institution whether your account allows such transactions. Maximum online payment amount accepted is $5,000,000.

Pay by mail by sending in a check or money order payable to: San Francisco Tax Collector, P.O.Box 7027, San Francisco, CA 94120-7027.  To avoid delays in processing your payment, please include your Bill Number (formerly BDR Record Number) on your check. 

Examples of Treasurer & Tax Collector taxes/fees handled by BDR are:

Alarm License Fees / False Alarm Penalties Unsecured Personal Property Taxes Unsecured Supplemental Taxes
Dept of Public Health Regulatory Licences Business Taxes - Business Registration, Gross Receipts and Payroll Expense Tax, Transient Occupancy, Access Line, Utility Users, Telephone Users, Cigarette Fees

Accounts handled by BDR for City agencies:

San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) –
medical debts
San Francisco Fire Dept (SFFD) - ambulance services San Francisco Water Dept (PUC) – water services Dept of Building Inspections – bank returned checks
City Planning Dept – unpaid planning service charges Ethics Commission – mainly unpaid campaign fine & fees SF Public Library - fines and fees 
(eff January 2018)

Debt Collection Firms

In its duties to collect taxes and other City and County revenue, the Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector works with debt collection firms to collect some delinquent obligations owed to this office, as well as funds owed to other City Departments, such as the Water Department and Department of Public Health. The debt collection firm under contract is:

Transworld Systems Inc (TSI) 1-866-290-2093

Once your account has been assigned to Transworld Systems Inc (TSI), you must correspond with them directly to confirm the amount due, or to dispute or make a payment. The City will no longer be able to access your account.


Need Further Assistance?
Submit a service request.  A Representative will contact you on the SAME DAY of the request if submitted prior to 7:00 pm. Requests received after 7:00 pm will receive a response by the next business day.