News Releases

Sheriff Paul Miyamoto, Treasurer José Cisneros' Financial Justice Project, and the SF Jail Justice Coalition launch $10 a month Commissary Allowance Pilot Program
Beginning this month, people incarcerated in San Francisco County Jails who have little or no support from the outside will receive a $10 monthly allowance to purchase essential hygiene items and food from the jail store, or commissary. The Commissary Allowance Pilot Program helps ensure incarcerated people maintain their dignity and ability to purchase essential items, like shampoo, deodorant, and snacks.
Statement from Treasurer José Cisneros on Governor's $2B statewide College Savings Program
Today Governor Newsom proposed an investment of more than $2 billion in a statewide college savings account modeled after San Francisco’s Kindergarten to College Program (K2C). In 2011 when he was Mayor, Gavin and I launched K2C based on research showing that children with savings accounts will be up to seven times more likely to attend college than those without an account. Today, as a result of Newsom’s vision back in 2011, 46,000 public school students in San Francisco have K2C accounts, and have $8.6 million saved for college. I am beyond thrilled to see this program go statewide, and provide low income students with $500 to start saving for college.